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Anonymous asked: Plz post less Liz and more of the many other characters.


imageI do what I want.



There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

17 percent women in a group is seen as equal. 25 percent, apparently, is overwhelming.

I will find his Wii U handle and meet him in on-line battle.

I will destroy him.

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I heard you were talkin’ shit

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how to cut fabric for a cosplay


step 1: lay out fabric


step 2:


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Ladies and Gentlemen, my yet to be scheduled World Punching Tour just gained another stop!

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Hey guys! so I woke up to find this being shared on facebook and I was so devastated that someone would do this so I thought sharing on tumblr might help as well! reblog to spread the word and PLEASE let Jacqueline know if you find anything suspicious!!! thank you so much!!

so things are in better prospective of why ists $4,000, its not just her one costumes:

Today has been one of the worst days I’ve had in a very long time. This morning, while I was in Oakland, someone broke into my car and stole a black duffle bag from my trunk. Inside was a very important commission I had JUST finished that was worth about $4,000. I was supposed to send it out today/tomorrow, but now that it’s stolen, that can’t quite happen. I have spent a LOT of time and effort in these costumes and I have been in tears since I found out they were stolen. What’s worse is the duffle back also had expensive scissors, chainmail, leather accessories, leather making tools, irreplaceable molds I made, and a wig I styled for the wonderful woman who the commission is for.

My car was parked on 22nd St. In Oakland, CA this morning. The duffle bag is rectangular, black, brown trim, brown leather handles, and a red & green logo on the long side. Inside is the following:
Twilight Princess - Princess Zelda costume, accessories, boots, resin cast armor, petticoat, corset, and styled wig
Twilight Princess - Link partial costume, real leather accessories, real leather boots, and hand knit chainmail
Tools - 2x $45 shears, glue gun, soldering knife, assortment of leather crafting tools & needles, molds of many of the accessories for the Zelda costume, and several paint brushes
Other - clothes, threads, and makeup stuff

I have photos here of the pieces that are missing. If you see them on eBay, Craigslist, or any website, please get back to me. I have literally walked a mile in every direction from where it was stolen, looking for it in hopes they dumped it after realizing they can’t sell it. I’ve asked the locals and the nearby homeless people for their help, but I haven’t had any luck today.

So please keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for these costumes and pieces. I am so very sorry to ask this of you all, but I am so upset and devastated right now and I can’t stop crying because I made these pieces myself and now I may have to refund the poor girl. Tomorrow I will be looking at the local pawn shops in hopes someone tried to sell them the bag. 

If anything comes up, please contact me here or my email at Thank you!”-Jacqueline Goehner

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School stabbing spree: 20 hurt in Pittsburgh-area bloodbath

(Photo: NBC News)

As many as 20 students were hurt, some with life-threatening wounds, when a classmate went on a stabbing rampage through the classrooms and halls of a high school outside Pittsburgh on Wednesday morning, authorities said.

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proof if you take away guns, people will still find ways to hurt each other

Yes, but let’s consider that for a moment: Thus far, there have been no deaths. All the victims are expected to live. In the Newtown, Conn. shooting, Adam Lanza killed twenty-six people in less than five minutes. Not maimed — killed.

A gun is going to make a person more lethal, in less time, from further away. With other methods, like a knife, the attacker must get close to their intended targets (versus spraying bullets indiscriminately), and this gives opportunity for others to run and/or subdue the assailant.

When the principal at Newtown tried to stop Lanza, she was murdered. The vice principal in this case was able to tackle the suspect and he was cuffed by the school resource officer. Yes, people will still find ways to hurt each other. There’s no reason to make it easier for them to do so.

Please don’t claim this attack “proves” gun control proponents wrong, or firearms advocates right. I will admit, my first thought was, “Thank God he didn’t have a gun” — however, when are we going to have a discussion about what leads a high school sophomore to this kind of attack as a solution? Or anyone, for that matter? Perhaps he had access to guns and maybe he didn’t. We don’t know.

The undeniable truth here is that for whatever reason, he chose knives, and that choice, in this instance, may have made it more difficult for him to rack up the kind of body count we have seen as a nation in similar mass attacks when a gun is used.

I’ve tended to find that, after shooting sprees, victims don’t post selfies of themselves recovering in hospital. Mainly because they go to the morgue, not the wards.

^ Ahem.

Actually, taking away firearms won’t prevent people from committing acts of heinous violence. It also doesn’t mean that they will be easier to stop because they can’t shoot you from 20 feet away.

A knife is a killer, just like a gun. Pretending like it isn’t, and that guns are worse, is a ridiculous notion. Practically any object can kill if its put into the wrong hands…and in those situations, it won’t matter if they do it from 20 feet away or from 2 feet. If you aren’t prepared for the encounter, you will likely get severely injured and/or die. 

Do you all think that it’s that simple? “Oh he has a knife, he has to get close so it will be harder for him to hurt us.” Do you honestly think those kids in that school had some kind of knife defense training or any self defense training at all in order to prevent them from panicking the moment they realize they might die? Do you think they know how to properly disarm an attacker who is holding a knife and subdue them accordingly? What about the teachers? Don’t assume that because its a melee weapon that you have an advantage. 

Stop trying to force the blame on guns. Blame the people using the guns, and other weapons, to harm others.

hey dawg i’m a united states marine and lemme tell you

we are armed with firearms for a reason
they make us more efficient. they make us more dangerous. they keep us out of melee range of the enemy. we are able to use fire and maneuver (thanks to the distance) to close with and destroy the enemy

if you really believe knives are as dangerous as guns, explain to me why we aren’t just deployed with ka-bars ya fucking shitting infant

be intellectually honest, at the very least. it’s really not much to ask, i promise

And this ^

The pro-gun crowd has been jerking off on this story all day. This Marine two responses above me lays it out pretty nicely: Yes, there is a BIG fucking difference between a weapon that injured 17 people and one that killed 26.

A knife is a killer, just like a gun. Pretending like it isn’t, and that guns are worse, is a ridiculous notion.” Yeah, bro. Sooooooo ridiculous to imply that an incident in which no one was killed is better than an incident in which a number of people were killed.


When your friend lets you finish his food - Vine by JoeySalads

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What the actual fuck

"I disagree, lads! As a female, I’m going to make history by kicking three men in the nuts in less than 5 seconds!" 

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